Get to know the additional services of your favorite carriers

Increase the quality of your shipments by highlighting the handling, security, equipment and transportation required by your customers or your business.

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Cash on delivery

Offer your customers the option of paying for the shipment at the time of delivery. Availability depends on the service you choose.

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Protect your packages with additional shipping insurance

Guarantee the protection of your shipments, and increase your customers' peace of mind. With you can choose an additional insurance for your shipments.

Screen of the platform where you can add additional services to your shipment.

Over 80 different additional services

Learn about some of the additional services that each carrier integrated with offers:

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Adult signature

Requires an adult signature for receipt or delivery.

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Return to the origin

The shipment will be returned to the original sender.

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After-hours delivery

Package delivery or shipment outside standard business hours.

Filters carriers by additional services

Choose the carrier that best suits your needs, you can filter the ones that offer additional services while you quote or generate a shipping label.

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