Automatic shipping rules for your shipments

Select your preferred carriers and calculate the shipping cost automatically.

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Learn about the benefits of shipping rules

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Cost optimization

Choose the most cost-effective and efficient shipping option for each type of product.

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Default carriers

Save time by quoting with carriers automatically

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Customized shipments

Match shipping to the needs of your business and customers

How do the automatic shipping rules work?

Fixed shipping rules

All orders from your store will use the selected carrier services, regardless of the characteristics of the order.

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Price-based rules

The best carrier service will be automatically selected according to the total amount of the purchase.

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Weight-based rules

These rules allow you to choose carrier services according to the total weight of the order, ensuring accurate and competitive rates.

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Product-based rules

The selection of the service depends on the products in the order. In case there are products with different rules, priority will be given to the rule of the product with the highest value.

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Easy to set up

Configure more than one rule for the different needs of your ecommerce store, automate your logistics process.

illustration of E-commerce Pro order packages

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