Divide your order into one or more packages

With Ecommerce Pro, you can create customized packages by splitting the products in your orders to improve and optimize management and logistics.

Illustration of products divided into two different packages

Benefits of splitting your order

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Affordable shipping rates

By splitting your product, you get lower shipping prices for your shipments.

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Additional Services

Add additional services such as insurance, per product and not per order.

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100+ carriers

Choose independent services according to the characteristics of your products.

How to split my order into different shipments?

To split your order you will have to choose the one that contains several products and choose which ones will go in another package.

Quote by package

Once you have divided your order, you will be able to quote by package if you require different carriers, or by order to use a single service.

Modal from Envia.com where you can quote shipping services by package or by order.

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