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Getting started


A Bearer Token is used for authentication. URL and tokens are different for SandBox and Production accounts.

Sandbox environment

Create a test account on ship-test.envia.com and create an API token for your testing environment.

Production environment

Log in to your Envia.com account to get your token and start working from the production environment.

Operator activation

Speak to an agent to activate all traders in your account. You can also use your own API credentials to access our API requests.

API Documentation


Create shipping actions to generate, pick up, track, cancel and pay for shipments.


Integrate your application with Envia Oauth. With Oauth, you will receive a token to access a user account and create third party requests.


Get our list of suppliers, services, country information, state details and much more.

Account inquiries

Get your shipping history, addresses, package information and billing details.

API for integrations

Create account

Create an Ecartapi account and start building your integration quickly and easily.

How to begin?

Log in and create an application from the Ecartapi section and start fetching data from the API.


You can find our Ecartapi documentation. Integrate more than 40 e-commerce platforms in your applications.

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If you need more information on how to use our API, please contact us.

API Fulfillment

Create account

Fulfillment accounts are independent of Envia.com accounts. So be sure to integrate your Envia account with your Fulfillment user.


Get your API token and use our test environment to start working on your solution.


Manage customers, orders, stores, products, warehouses, inventory and billing information through the Fulfillment API.

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