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Envia P. O. Box: your address in the USA to receive in Canada.

We facilitate the import process at the best cost.
Buy at your favorite store in the USA or anywhere in the world and ship it to our warehouses in Laredo, Texas.
We receive your packages in our warehouse, we notify you by mail and we carry out the process.
Receive your products in Canada to the address you want.

Buy in the USA, China or anywhere in the world.
Ship your package to our warehouse in Laredo, Texas.
You will find our address in the section Envia P.O. Box in your account
Our team will take care of receiving it and does the import process for Canada.
We receive your package in our warehouse.
We notify you by mail to request the information of your products and choose the destination to which your package will be sent.
I pay the import cost and check the conditions, we have secure payment methods such as paypal and deposit in oxxo.
We ship your package to your home, office, or provided address.
Receive your package at the door of your house.
Envia Shipping will ensure that your package arrives safely at your home and without setbacks.
Delivery time is 2-5 days after receiving it in Laredo.
Receive the package as soon as possible and at the lowest cost

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Contact a logistics consultant Envia P.O. Box

We offer you the best logistics service.